Mouthwash & mouth spray

Most people use a mouthwash either in the hope of eliminating bad breath or to help their mouths feel fresh and clean. That said, there are numerous mouthwashes commercially available said to serve a variety of different purposes. Some claim to help fight cavities, others to help remove plaque, tartar, or gingivitis. Still, others claim to help whiten teeth.

My homemade mouthwash is natural, effective, and gentle, not harsh like the store-bought stuff. It’s easy to make and costs far less than commercial brands and above all, it works just as well.

So here’s the recipe. For whichever quantites of mouthwash you wish to make, use a recipient that can close tightly. Pour equal parts of vodka, water and essential oils in it and then shake well. There you go ! The mix is ready and can be used as a mouth wash.

You can also pour the solution into a spray bottle to use it as a mouth spray.