Express floor cleaning solution

We’ve all been there before. You get a spill or stain on your floor, and you don’t have the right cleaning product to take care of it. Fortunately, a homemade floor cleaner can solve your problem and remove the mess quickly.

But how do you make a DIY floor cleaner, and how can you be sure it’s safe?

Whatever type of floor cleaner you’re looking for, this express floor cleaning solution will have your home sparkly fresh in no time.

You will need :

250ml rubbing alcohol
250ml white vinegar
500 ml cold water

Mix all ingredients in a 1 liter bottle. Spray floor surface with solution and mop as usual.

One of the great things about homemade cleaners: you don’t need a lot of different products that only clean one kind of surface. So, once you’ve got your standard cleaning ingredients on hand, it’s easy to mix up a variety of homemade cleaning products.