Graines de coriandre

Today, a note on coriander! Coriander is an integral part of most spice blends. The coriander seeds are used as spices, and the coriander leaves to garnish curries, salads, soups …

Originating from Asia, it is one of the most cultivated spices in the world. Very much used in Mexico for example, it is very aromatic and fragrant.

In the Middle Ages, it was spread throughout Europe for its culinary use and recognized for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Coriander consists of two parts that are quite distinct as far as their contents in different active compounds are concerned: the leaves (fresh or dried) and the seeds which do not have the same virtues on the body.

So, here is a spice that you can both use in cooking as well as use for its virtues on your health. It is easy to grow in your garden or in a pot. However you will need to remember these tips:

  • Coriander needs a sunny or half-shaded exposure. It will flourish in sandy soil, well drained, fresh and fertile.
  • Be sure to water your plant regularly in case of extreme heat, especially if it is in pots or planters.
  • To have young fresh leaves all year long, it is necessary to sow seeds several times at a fifteen days interval.

That’s it, we’ll get into the details later, for now we’ll stick to this introduction. Maybe some of you are already very familiar with coriander and its uses so do not hesitate to let us know!