Coriander’s culinary uses

I use cilantro quite often when I cook. So, I was interested a little bit in the culinary history of this spice (without going into too much detail!) To start with, coriander is used as a condiment in many dishes in Moroccan, Chinese and Indian cuisine. It gives a refreshing flavor to spicy recipes and […]

Graines de coriandre

Today, a note on coriander! Coriander is an integral part of most spice blends. The coriander seeds are used as spices, and the coriander leaves to garnish curries, salads, soups … Originating from Asia, it is one of the most cultivated spices in the world. Very much used in Mexico for example, it is very […]

Ginger: Culinary uses

I use a lot of ginger in my cooking, both as the main spice of my dishes but also, sometimes, just for sauces and other accompaniments. In fact, everything depends on what I’m preparing, and my mood! Anyway, ginger can be consumed raw or cooked but the thing to always keep in mind is that […]

Parsley's culinary uses

I tend to use parsley a lot when cooking. In fact, I use a lot of spices and aromatic herbs to give different flavors to my meat and other dishes! … And it is true that when I think about it, a little bit of parsley can be found in many of my dishes. Maybe […]