Rice water ( facial ) toner

About 4 months ago I came across a rice water recipe for a face wash and I tried it. I am quite skeptical and critical when it comes to trying new products, especially when they are products that I apply to my skin! And here I must admit that this simple recipe blew me away! […]

Face wash

For a very long time, I searched the stores, online, by mail asking all my friends if they knew or had heard of a facial soap that would be perfect for my skin which is quite dry. In fact, before creating my own facial soap, all the other soaps that I had tried left my […]

Parsley Hair Tonic

If you want healthy hair that grows vigorously, hair that is shiny and reflects your good health, I may have the solution! Be careful, this is not a recipe for growing hair on a bald head! For this kind of problem, I have not found the solution yet! So, that’s what I advise you to […]