Elixir for good health ( anti aging elixir )

Here is a dream, or rather a wish, that I share with, I think, a lot of you! Aging without aging! Or, how to get older without suffering (too much) from the physical and mental effects that ageing comes with! Not possible ! That’s what most of you will answer me! Well, maybe there is […]

Coriander Seeds Tea

Before embarking on the making of this recipe, there are a few things to know! First, the coriander leaf is very low in calories (292 kcal per 100 g) and rich in fiber, which is known to prolong the feeling of satiety (which makes you avoid snacking and allows you to eat less). It is […]

Coriander’s health benefits

I would like to share a few observations about the health benefits of cilantro. Because of my crazy interest in spices, I find information right and left and when I hear and read many times certain things that overlap, I end up telling myself that there must be a lot of truth in them. So, […]

Coriander’s culinary uses

I use cilantro quite often when I cook. So, I was interested a little bit in the culinary history of this spice (without going into too much detail!) To start with, coriander is used as a condiment in many dishes in Moroccan, Chinese and Indian cuisine. It gives a refreshing flavor to spicy recipes and […]

Graines de coriandre

Today, a note on coriander! Coriander is an integral part of most spice blends. The coriander seeds are used as spices, and the coriander leaves to garnish curries, salads, soups … Originating from Asia, it is one of the most cultivated spices in the world. Very much used in Mexico for example, it is very […]

Ginger tincture

Today, I’m going to show you how to do your own ginger tincture. Either you know what tinctures are or the two questions that will follow are: What is a tincture? And What’s a tincture used for? So before we get to the recipe and then let you know what the ginger tincture is going […]