Mouth wash

Until three or four years ago, I bought mouthwashes in supermarkets. Sometimes I happened to find them in a pharmacy. Then, almost by chance, I came across an article that said it was better to avoid commercially available mouthwashes because they disturb the balance of the oral flora. So, to begin with, why do I […]

Fish seasoning mix

All my spice blends go well with vegetable recipes (vegetarian or vegan). Besides, I’ve always thought that whatever it is, homemade seasoning mix or homemade spice blends smell better and are tastier than those you buy in a store, even if you buy them from specialized brands in specialized stores. So, here’s an example of […]

Tooth Juice (for brushing baby’s teeth)

Start brushing baby’s teeth as soon as their first tooth makes its grand entrance. That may be right on the sixth-month mark or closer to the one-year mark—either way, it’s time to grab that natural toothbrush. As soon as teeth appear in your baby’s mouth, it’s possible for your baby to develop cavities. It is important […]

Rice water ( facial ) toner

About 4 months ago I came across a rice water recipe for a face wash and I tried it. I am quite skeptical and critical when it comes to trying new products, especially when they are products that I apply to my skin! And here I must admit that this simple recipe blew me away! […]

Face wash

For a very long time, I searched the stores, online, by mail asking all my friends if they knew or had heard of a facial soap that would be perfect for my skin which is quite dry. In fact, before creating my own facial soap, all the other soaps that I had tried left my […]

Turmeric mask

In Asia, turmeric beauty masks have been used for centuries. They are known in Chinese and Indian traditions, and constitute an element of the Ayurvedic medical system. In South Asia, they were an integral part of the bride’s wedding preparations, giving her a flawless and glamorous look for the big day. The turmeric mask works […]