Magical Use of parsley

Although I have used the word magical, I do not want to scare anyone. This is more about the esoteric power of some plants I want to talk about, rather than witchcraft. But you must not forget the fact that plants are part of the bags of tricks used by witches and mages, and this […]

Parsley: Be careful!

I wanted to write an article to warn everyone about parsley! I have been praising the benefits of parsley for several weeks now but you have to understand that there are cases where parsley is not recommended and cases where you really have to pay attention! For example, pregnant women should not eat large amounts […]

Parsley Tea

I’ve been drinking parsley tea for a while now. Not nice at all, I hear you say! But if you add a spoonfull of honey instead of sweetening traditionally, it’s excellent! So why make tea with parsley? Parsley tea has properties that you probably do not suspect. This type of tea is used to fight […]

Amazing Benefits Of Parsley

As an aromatic herb, parsley is quite incredible! That’s why I find this herb so interesting. In fact, parsley contains folates, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K,calcium, iron and zeaxanthin and carotene-beta. This herb is a real factory for our health! Although more formal research is needed, there is strong evidence for all of these […]

Parsley Tea ( For inducing menstruation)

Why might you want to trigger your periods? There are several reasons that can make you want to do so. Maybe you’re tired of PMS and want to get your menses ready as soon as possible. Or you go on vacation in a few days and you want to get rid of your periods before […]

Parsley's culinary uses

I tend to use parsley a lot when cooking. In fact, I use a lot of spices and aromatic herbs to give different flavors to my meat and other dishes! … And it is true that when I think about it, a little bit of parsley can be found in many of my dishes. Maybe […]